The Elephant’s Eye

It’s Sunday morning and you had your first “sleep-over” with a lady you’ve been dating and really like. You’re the first to wake and want to show your guest your appreciation and hospitality. Here’s an easy way to score points with a hot breakfast.

The ingredients are simple — eggs, butter and sliced white bread. No Suddenly Solo guy should be without all of these in their refrigerator.

Put some butter in a frying pan over a low flame and spread it around as it melts. Take a slice of bread (Hint: Keeping bread in the refrigerator will keep it fresher longer) and pull out a ‘hole’ in the center of the slice about one and a half to two inches in diameter. Put the bread AND the ‘hole’ piece in the frying pan. Now, crack an egg into the open space in the bread. While the egg is cooking, dab a little butter onto each of the exposed four corners of the bread-slice as well as on the top of the “hole”. Let this cook about three minutes or until the bread is toasty (you can easily tell what’s going on by flipping the “hole” to see how brown it is). When it is the golden brown, flip the bread and egg to finish toasting the other side. The four corners of butter you added earlier will serve to crisp that side and the egg will completely cook fairly quickly. Remove when done to your satisfaction. The egg will stay in the bread. Discard the “hole”. That’s all there is to making, “The Elephant’s Eye”!

Now put your creation on a plate, pour some OJ and coffee and your guest can’t help but be impressed with your culinary expertise and consideration. After breakfast, relax with your friend, read the paper, and see what develops!

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