Very Passionate Kiss

Hi Hal,
I am 62 and have been divorced for less than a year.  I was fixed-up by a friend with a very nice woman and we went to a lovely restaurant for dinner on our first date.  The evening was quite pleasant and as she was leaving my car to go back to her apartment, she leaned over and gave me what I would call a very passionate kiss.  She then said “good night” and went inside her building.  What do you think such a highly-charged kiss means in the context of a first date?
Hi Len,
There’s nothing like leaving on a high note, right?  Firstly, I congratulate you on your restraint in not following her.  I think it shows excellent first-date manners.  That said, my experience tells me that this type of goodbye is a signal that she genuinely had a good time with you and wants to see you again.  Some women (especially those new to the dating scene) have difficulty verbalizing these types of thoughts and use physical signals like the kiss you received.  I am equally concerned with what YOU feel.  Did you also enjoy the date?  Did you enjoy her company enough to see her again?  While the kiss was certainly emotion-packed, take a moment to sort through your own feelings and separate out the perfume and lipstick!

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