Stay Close To Your Children

Stay Close To Your Children.  Family provides a needed anchor to Suddenly Solos.  Remember that children want their parent’s respect and admiration, so be sure to look for reasons to praise them.  Offer congratulations and compliments whenever possible.  When distance makes get-togethers difficult, try to create family traditions like ski-trips the same time each year or getting together for your birthday.  Make it easy and don’t hold it against someone if they can’t make it on occasion.  Be available but not ‘omni-present’ via incessant phone calls or unannounced drop-ins.  Use social networking to stay in touch, which allows for some boundaries while still being on their radar.  Don’t offer unsolicited advice but when asked, balance your response with kindness and respect for their decision. Avoid TMI (too much information) when asked about your social life but by all means let them know if you are seeing someone or if you are staying busy.

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