Suddenly Solo Salad

It’s been a hard day and all you want to do is fix a quick dinner, put your feet up, and watch the game.  Well, here’s a fast and easy meal that won’t tax your abilities yet it will fill you up and not leave a mess to clean up.


Grab a couple of handfuls of pre-cut salad greens (available at every supermarket), wash it thoroughly and toss it into a large bowl.  Toss the salad with some of your favorite bottled dressing.  Then, open a can of tuna, salmon or precooked & diced chicken and drain off the liquid.  Now put the drained contents in with the salad you just dressed, and if you want, add some seasoned croutons.  Finally, pour yourself a glass of white wine and dig in!  Easy, quick and tasty . . .  that’s just my style.

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