Perfect Portions

For its incredible ease of preparation and low fat/low sodium/low cholesterol formulation, this month’s Suddenly Solo Seal of Approval goes to Ronzoni’s Pasta Portions.

Even if you are the most kitchen-challenged man on earth, you can now prepare a hot, healthy meal with very little clean up. You just boil a pot of water (please say you can do this, right?), drop in the pre-measured bag of pasta, and that’s it! Three minutes later you have perfectly cooked pasta.

Now all you have to do is heat up some sauce (remember that a jar of sauce is usually more than 1 serving so don’t over do it!). I also like to add in some cooked veggies but that is optional and I’m not looking to stretch your culinary limits! There are several types of pasta available with recipe suggestions listed on the Ronzoni website.

Each box contains three separate servings and because they’re individually sealed, they will store well in your cupboard, ready for those moments when you want a warm, home cooked (well, pretty much home-cooked) repast!

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  1. Hats off to whoever wrote this up and potesd it.

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