Courtship Tips

While the dating scene today is certainly different than the last time you were out there as a single, some things stay the same.  For us Suddenly Solos, here is a list of six extremely influential things from professional matchmaker Carol Morgan ( that she has found go a long way to making real connections:


1.    Be traditional.  Open doors for a lady, when walking, she walks on the side farthest from the curb. Not sure what good etiquette is?  Look it up!

2.    It never hurts for men to show up with a little bouquet of flowers.

3.    Don’t talk about another woman on a date.

4.    If you have a definite feeling at the end of a date that you want to go out again, say so.  If not, don’t say you’ll call . . .be honest and admit that the chemistry wasn’t there but it was nice getting to know her and spending time together.

5.    Don’t be afraid to look your best.

6.    A smile goes a long way . . . especially when you’re nervous.


So turn on the charm, Romeo!


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