Digitize those family photos . . . even those glued into albums that your ex may ultimately get!

It’s not uncommon to feel a strong sense of nostalgia after the loss of a spouse. Having the pictures you’ve likely accumulated over the years available to you at the push of a button can be a comfort especially during the first few months of becoming single.

But many of us grew up putting photographs into albums that they can be hard to view and actually get to (especially if you have to split things up in a divorce!)

Scanning pictures will make them easily accessible and will stop their inevitable photographic aging. But how can you get them out of those albums?   For pages that have peel-back coverings, point a hair dryer at the BACK of the page. After 4-5 minutes, that should melt the glue enough so you can peel back the photo. Be careful not to overheat.   If that doesn’t work, try peeling up a corner of the photo and gently slide dental floss underneath.  Stop it if the photo begins to tear. You can also try putting the album pages in the freezer for a few days to dry out the glue.  Then try gently peeling off the photo.  If nothing works, cut the photo from the page and scan it. . . the digital copy is probably more useful to you and an ex anyway.  You can always make a book out of the scanned images.


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