Inter-generational Vacations

Your new single status may bring on a “nesting” instinct to gather your family closer.  This is both good and healthy.  Many Suddenly Solos now plan trips with their children and grandchildren as part of their healing from loss.  Here are some things to consider:

Investigate “grandparent pricing”.  Resorts sometimes offer discounts to families who stay together as a group.

Bring your health records.  If you are travelling a distance or for an extended time period, it is wise to check with your doctor to be sure there will be no medical issues to deal with.  Having records can be life-saving in places where health care is ‘iffy.’  Don’t forget to bring your medications and take enough to allow for unexpected delays.  Consider taking a supply of antibiotics with you just in case.  Keep medications in their original containers and if you carry syringes, get a doctor’s note explaining this.

Get Travel Insurance. A policy that covers medical evacuations is not unreasonable.  In some places, you will need to show that you can pay for care so insurance is a must in case of emergencies.

Is there such a thing as too-close?  Will being in each other’s company for full days create tension?  Will you be tempted to micro-manage your children’s parenting?  Will they resent your ‘spoiling’ the grandchildren? These are things to think about before you book your trip!  Allow for family members to do their own things and create some “me” time.  Sometimes less is more.

Consider meal times.  When travelling as a group, large numbers can create havoc getting meal reservations, to say nothing about dietary preferences!  Book time well in advance and consider children’s bed times and babysitting requirements.  It may be wise to go separate ways at dinner and focus on larger lunches.

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