Thinking of Getting a Hybrid Car to Save Money? Consider insurance costs.

Many Suddenly Solos think that without the rigors of daily commuting, they can down size to a hybrid vehicle and automatically save money.  However, with the proliferation of hybrid cars, there are less discounts available to encourage these purchases.  In fact, many insurance companies who once offered healthy discounts to hybrid owners, have now discontinued such inducements.  Hybrids cost an average of 6.5% more to repair than other cars and with the amount of hybrids on the road increasing daily, there are greater numbers of traffic tickets and accidents that serve to push up premiums.  So if you are contemplating getting a hybrid, be sure to look into insurance rates as part of your purchasing calculus!  Going green can also cost some green, too!


  1. Jame Mcenany

    Hybrid cars are really necessary these days if we want to stop pollution.

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