Video Calls – It’s a fast, free way to stay close

We recall the grainy, black and white screens that showed the promise of face-to-face calling that debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair by “the phone company,”  AT&T.  Well now that bold vision is an affordable reality, thanks to home computers. If you and your recipient have camera-enabled computing devices (laptops, desk-tops, ipads, etc.) it is really quite easy to connect with your grandchildren, friends and family members who may literally be half way around the world.  If you and the caller you wish to see have an Apple device, use iChat (it’s included on almost all of the newer devices). It is also downloadable at the Apple Store.  The most popular software for this purpose, Skype, can be used on most devices.  Download it at  Google has a video chat option through their free Gmail feature that interfaces well through a Gmail account contact list.  You will be amazed at how all these interfaces will make staying in touch with your loved ones so easy and powerful.  (Be sure you look your best when you call!)


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