What’s the latest buzz on vibrators?

You can’t help but notice that vibrators have stepped out of the shadows. You will now find them displayed for purchase in major drug-store chains – not buried behind the counter under judgmental eyes. And even if a potential customer is still uncomfortable buying one in public, the internet is an easy to use conduit for these erotic engines. Access is now widespread. Vibrators have recently been featured-players in motion pictures and the 2010 Broadway play, “In the Next Room” which explored socio-cultural roots of the device, was nominated for 3 Tony Awards, including Best Play. And if you doubt that vibrators are not a part of the popular culture there is now, “an app for that.” OhMiBod (ohmibod.com) offers software that synchronizes their line of vibrators with an iPhone. So let’s face it, guys . . . it’s time that we no longer look at vibrators as competitors in the bedroom. Think of them as another tool in the toolbox that can help make a bedroom experience even more enjoyable for our partner.

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