Sunbeam Hot Shot

Sparing you the sizable expense of installing a permanent, instant-hot water tap in your sink, the Sunbeam Hot Shot delivers a cup (16 oz.) of steaming hot water in about 90 seconds. It’s absolutely ideal for Suddenly Solos to make quick work of preparing instant coffee, instant soup, tea, cocoa, instant oatmeal, noodles, you name it. Most coffee makers today are designed for multi-cup preparation, but the Hot Shot provides just the right amount of boiling hot water for those times when you only need one cup, saving time and avoiding waste.  It has an automatic safety shut-off, comes in black or white and is priced under $30.  You will wonder how you did without one for so long!  So, for its “just right” size and low cost, this month’s SuddenlySolo Seal of Approval goes to the Sunbeam Hot Shot.


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