A Man and a Woman

I just recently re-watched this French film that I had last seen when it was first released back in 1966.  Some of you may remember it because the sex scene of an unmarried couple caused quite a stir at the time.  Of course, today that part seems quite tame.  The couple in the story are in their 30s, both having lost their spouses when they meet at the boarding school that their children attend.  The process of their coming together as singles is so reflective of the situation we Suddenly Solos find ourselves in, that the film now has an especially endearing relevance.

Their chance meeting, the hesitance, the slow dance of approachment, the memories of past spouses, the guilt feelings, and eventually the shift from the past to living life today are beautifully played out (and I think very meaningful to us today as we work our way through many of the same issues).

It sounds like a “romantic” movie and it is.  But the race driving sequences and the fantastic music make it an exciting men’s movie as well.  And of course, looking at Anouk Aimee doesn’t hurt the eye balls either!

I suggest that this is a movie well worth the effort to track down on Netflix, even if you did see it years ago.  It will have new levels of meaning for you (and perhaps for the person who sees it with you).


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  1. Plain Jane

    It’s not easy moving into a first sexual relationship after being withone man for 38 years who I married right out of school.  But after 4years of widowhood and virtual virginity I did join the male femaleconnection once more and this film resonated in my mind the difficultyshe/I had of shaking off the thoughts of our past marriages even whilewe lay in the arms of a new man in our lives.  Again it was not easy(and fortunately he was very patient) but after some quiet thoughtafter that first non-responsive encounter I enter the “living” oncemore.  And I’m very, very happy that I did.

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