Personal Experiences – Frank from New York

Frank from New York discusses his experiences with both divorce and the death of a spouse. He divorced his first wife after 25 years of marriage and later met his second wife through his job as a hair stylist. She passed away two years after she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he describes her as his “guardian angel.” In the nine years since her passing, he has found happiness in his personal life and offers tips for renewing yourself and your outlook.

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  1. Bob

    Your video really touched me Frank and you did an excellent job. I’ve been widowed for 19 months and I’ve used counseling, church, meditation and prayer to help me through but it’s tough. I’m not in grief so much anymore but am depressed due to loneliness. I volunteer at Hospice one day per week and I’m trying to cultivate a new life, but can’t seem to find that one “across a crowded room” yet. Thanks for trying to give people like me a little encouragement and God bless you for your efforts.

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