Grille and Barbecue Health

Part of the joy of summer is enjoying a barbecue with friends and family. There is something special about having something freshly grilled that brings back fond memories of childhood and growing up.  However, it’s important to use some common sense when using a barbecue to stay healthy.  For example, don’t keep food unrefrigerated too long before putting it over the flame. It takes just a few minutes for bacterial to grow.  If you haven’t used your grille in a while, heat it up for a while (10 minutes on High) before putting any food on it to help further sanitize the grille surfaces and remove any caked on oil and grease.  And when you clean the grille after using it (a must), be careful about using wire brushes. They can leave metallic residue that can be ingested.  Wipe down the grilles with a towel as the last step to be sure there are no pieces of wire left on the surface.  Remember, there is a link between charred meats and some forms of cancer so avoid blackening the food unnecessarily.  Most of this is just common sense and shouldn’t put a damper on your enjoyment!

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