Stay Mentally “Tuned In”

One of the greatest fears Suddenly Solos have is the decay of mental acumen most notably, memory loss.  While memory decline to some degree is normal as we age, precipitous degradation may be at least partially avoided by keeping yourself mentally active.  Two studies that were published in the journal, Neurology are worthy of note. In the first study, the last two to three years of life were the period of greatest mental decline.  But the second study showed that keeping mentally fit with such activities as board games, card games, or reading may help preserve brain function and memory.  So don’t intellectually vegetate! Keep your mind active and by doing so,  you will be more social and interesting to be with.  I heartily endorse getting an e-reader (i.e. a Kindle, or Nook) so you will always have access to books and magazines (did you know that many libraries offer free, online book-lending?)

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