We are big believers in Suddenly Solo travel. It can be a wonderful opportunity to make family memories when you travel with your children or grandchildren or you can venture out by yourself or with a group and indulge your desire to visit new places that you always dreamt of going to. But large distances travelled east and west present challenges in the form of jet lag. Here are some suggestions on minimizing the impact: Try to get some sun exposure (in the morning if you travel east, the afternoon if you travel west) to help “set” your body clock. A low dose of the hormone melatonin before bedtime will help you sleep in the new locale and adapt to the time change. Stay hydrated . . . not with alcohol! Limit caffeine. Take short naps if needed. Keep your exercise routine if possible during the trip and be sure you ‘check-in’ with family so they know where you are and how you’re doing!

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