Don’t Fight City Hall… Run It!

Have you ever thought about public service?  Many Suddenly Solos have never had the time to even contemplate it, but being a part of government can be a wonderful way to make a real difference in your life and the lives of others.  And now you may have the time to devote to it.

Have you ever asked yourself why your congressman/senator/legislator/mayor doesn’t do something about ___________________ (you fill in the blank!)?  Well, make yourself part of the solution by becoming part of government.

Local government is a great starting point. Become involved by learning more about how things work in your own neighborhood.  The best way to do this is by attending public meetings.  Check local newspapers in the Public Notice section to see what entities are holding meetings and if they are discussing things you are interested in.  That can be school boards, zoning boards, planning commissions, governmental budget hearings, etc.  These meetings are usually held monthly so it should not take much of your time initially to get involved.  Have some of your personal business cards on hand (don’t have any? Get some with your name/phone/email on them. Check the internet for rock bottom pricing).  Introduce yourself to people on the dais or behind the podium and express your desire to get more involved.  Obviously, election years are prime season to get exposure to the political people who are almost always looking for new blood (yes, we are new blood to them!).

If you are curious about running for office, check out for some interesting perspective and advice.  Getting involved in the political process is a great way to keep involved, engaged and even socially active!  And something else to consider: people our age have great advantage of bringing mature thinking and perspective to the table.  These are traits that voters admire.


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