Don’t Forget The “Bright Work”

When I was in high school, I had a car-cleaning business. One thing I learned is that customers always noted the “bright work” first . . . the chrome, the glass, the mirrors. It often blinded them to the bulk of the car that I admit, might have been only so-so.

It’s the same with women.  They notice certain small things, often to the exclusion of larger issues.  When women found out I was writing a book about being Suddenly Solo, they often commented to me that they were shocked at how little effort men seemed to put towards their appearance.  When I asked what things they were referring to, I discovered they really focused on little details . . . the bright work.  So here are some areas of focus I have for you to dazzle your date:

1. Fingernails.

Women believe that unkempt fingernails are a signal that you are slovenly.  This doesn’t mean that you should get weekly manicures (although it wouldn’t hurt!), but your nails should be clean, trimmed and filed.  Women apparently create a mental image of your hands caressing them and if they perceive that they may come away from such an encounter bloodied or infected, you are dead in the water.  (And don’t forget your toenails!)

2. Rogue Hair.

Women have an uncanny ability to detect a single hair growing out your ear or nose.  To them, this speaks volumes about a man’s personal hygiene.  Get yourself a close-up mirror, some tweezers and grooming scissors and set aside time before you go out to give yourself a careful inspection.  Trust me, women have mentioned this to me many times.

3. Bad Teeth.

Are your teeth yellow?  Very far out of alignment?  Are some chipped or broken?  If they are, I guarantee you are losing out with women.  The advances in dentistry and over-the-counter products make having these deficiencies unacceptable.  Visit a dentist and get a good cleaning and evaluation if you even suspect that your smile isn’t what it could be.  Think of it as an investment in your sex life.

4. Comb Overs.

Losing your hair is a bummer. But it isn’t necessarily a dating deal-breaker.  What women react negatively to more than balding is the desperation attached to trying to camouflage it!  A hair stylist may be able to help you find a style that works well with what you have or perhaps suggesting a well trimmed beard or moustache to create a look that works well with whatever your hair situation is. The key here is confidence.  Embrace whatever you have and move forward . . . women sense fear, so don’t think that a comb over will fool them.

5. Too much cologne.

Some men think that if a little cologne is good, then more would be better.  No way.  Cologne is a case of, “less is more” and women have told me that they can be literally disgusted by a guy who overdoes it.  There was a show on cable a few years ago called, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy that provided a memorable rhyme for the correct way to apply men’s cologne, “spray, delay, walk away.”  What this mean is: 1. take a bottle of spray cologne and spray ONCE into the air in front of you (not at you) aimed very slightly upwards.  2. Wait for at least three seconds.  3. Then walk forward without stopping.   That is enough cologne for anyone.

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