Great Date Idea – Glamping!

If you are the type of person who loves the great outdoors but also enjoys creature-comforts like fresh sheets on a soft bed, then the concept of glamour-camping, or glamping, may be just right for you and a companion.

Glamping is an imprecise term and it runs the gamut of amenities. Some glamping facilities offer services that are on par with luxury hotels and resorts. Maid and butler service, gourmet meals, and opulent accommodations are featured at the higher end while others are really just camping facilities that have a few extras, like a real bed and private bathroom.  You need to do your research since some campground owners are looking to cash in on the concept by using the terminology without really providing much in the way of luxury.

To be sure you are getting what you want, check the company’s website or call and ask some basic questions:  Is there electricity (enough for your own accessories or just adequate for an overhead light bulb)?  Is there running water (hot water, a  private shower/bathroom)? Are meals provided? Maid service? Internet?  And be certain to clarify the accommodations you are going to get.  Glamping tents should be as spacious as a small room and they are usually on wood platforms and not pitched on the ground.  You should also inquire how close the tenting/living facilities are to each other to ensure reasonable privacy from other glampers.

Costs vary depending on location and level of services and can run from $200/night to over $1,000.  But the pleasure of taking a special someone somewhere special makes glamping something to seriously consider for its originality.

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