Have A Loved One That Wanders? These Boots Are Made For Stalking!

The use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have become almost ubiquitous. They are in cars, cell phones, laptops, and now they are even in shoes!  By putting a GPS chip in the heel, it is possible for a caregiver to monitor the location of a loved one who has Alzheimer’s, for example.  The caregiver can specify a zone in which their loved one can move around freely.  When a patient goes outside the designated area, a message alerts the caregiver.  The cost is $300 plus $35-$40 per month of tracking services.  Contact Aetrex Worldwide (800) 526-2739, or visit the site at www.navistargpsshoe.com.  For those of us with aging parents, this can provide a level of security that was never available before.

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