Personal Experiences – Marilyn from Florida

Marilyn from Boca Raton, FL speaks about her recent and flawed dating experiences. While she has been in three long-term relationships, she has not found the right person again and is not searching for the right person. Marilyn feels that a first date should be about getting to know the other person and their interests rather than focusing too much on the past.

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  1. Dr. Levy

    Beginnings: Speak with them often on the phone, in order to find out if there are any commonalities…Then, only proceed to make a date if the communication is comfortable. With that in mind, you would discuss where you would like to meet and what your expectations are [if any]:)
    The situation would not have occurred had she had a viable communication prior to setting up a first date…

    Communication prior is necessary…and a prerequisite to what is to follow…

    Good luck to all…

    We are all hoping to share our days with a special someone. Each day is a gift!

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