Being good in bed means having a good bed!

How long has it been since you purchased a new bed?  If you can’t remember, then chances are you probably should buy a new one.  Suddenly Solos tend to keep their beds out of a sense of nostalgia – it was where they were happiest, or where they always read themselves to sleep, or perhaps it’s what came with the apartment!  No matter what, change is good when it comes to beds and the different kinds of mattresses can definitely impact love-making.

For example, the foam-type beds, while excellent for sleeping, tend to retain body heat and that can make it uncomfortable for some people when getting frisky. However, because they conform to body shapes, they also tend to keep a person in place and that can have some benefit when it comes to having sex by increasing leverage and avoiding slipping.  Something to consider.

Coil spring mattresses offer the advantage of providing some return “bounce” when you are in the throes of passion.  But remember your basic physics: there is some energy loss, so you will not get all the “push” back from the spring.  Another possible drawback is that springs do age over time and they can get saggy and squeaky after a few years.

Something else to consider is the bed frame.  Be certain it is sturdy and doesn’t make noise.  In addition, be sure the frame doesn’t roll around like a hockey puck on ice.  And when you position your bed, allow for some movement – don’t put it flush to a wall unless you want your banging to produce banging!

Finally, be sure your bed is attractive to women.  Fresh linens are a must and lots of pillows make for both sleeping comfort and creativity when trying different positions with your lover.


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