Dealing with the fallout from Fifty Shades of Grey

Fortunately for us Suddenly Solos, things like the Olympics, the Presidential Campaign and the potential of a global financial meltdown have pushed the media away from the best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey.  On the outside chance you have been in a cave for the past year and are unaware of the book, it tells the story of the handsome, brilliant and well-endowed billionaire, Christian Grey, who is also a sexual master.  The book has been called “Soccer Mom Porn” by some since it has found a huge audience among married women who are sometimes embarrassed to be seen reading it (it is a huge e-book seller, making it harder to detect by passersby!).  The book has also been embraced by “women of a certain age” as well.

But the lull in news coverage of the phenomena hasn’t made the ripple effect of the Grey trilogy any easier to hide from.  The “twice in a half an hour” stud has raised the proverbial bar quite high!  However, we can use the mass appeal of the book in a way that can put us in at least a somewhat favorable light.  For example:

If the conversation does turn to the book, ask her what she thought about it.  It is not exactly high-brow literature, but it is clear that many women enjoyed it, even if it seemed ludicrous to them as a hot sex fantasy.  What parts seemed the most outrageous or the most titillating to her?  While you should not assume that anything she says is by extension an “invitation,” it might enlighten you to what things she might have had difficulty saying to you in the bedroom.  Since the book does describe some pretty kinky sex, don’t assume that just enjoying the book equates with a de-facto desire to try anything too far out.  Move slowly!

Living in the post-Fifty Shades of Grey world should probably motivate us to improve our sexual game.  Change things up a bit.  Unlike the heroine in the book, women don’t achieve climax as easily as she does, so if you haven’t done so already, consider introducing a small vibrator into your routine (BTW, a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that 52.5 percent of women and 44.8 percent of men have used vibrators.).  Fewer than 30% of women can reach orgasm without some direct stimulation, so having a discrete-sized vibrator in the nightstand will likely help you to at least approach Christian Grey’s expertise!

So while it may be difficult to become a billionaire or incredibly good-looking on such short notice,  let’s use the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena to our advantage and engage our women in discussion about the book and perhaps segue that into a satisfying bedroom experience that pushes boundaries just a bit.


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