This Month’s Seal of Approval: Hungry-Man Dinners

Things have changed a lot in the frozen food section of the supermarket and we here at Suddenly Solo are pleased at the metamorphosis. Specifically, the Hungry Man products that are hearty, easy-to-prepare meals that can make mealtime easy for those of us who are either time or kitchen-competency challenged!

Make no mistake about it . . . these are not for the diet conscious. Most of the many varieties are relatively high in calories and fat but they are not intended to be part of a health regimen.  They are for slaking a large appetite with a minimum amount of prep time and they do that quite well.  As with all frozen meals, it is difficult to get “crispy” results so we suggest you chose the dinners that aren’t battered for the best results.   Put a few of these in your freezer for when you are really famished and you can’t be bothered with making more time-intensive fare.  Swallow your guilt (along with the brownie) and just enjoy them for what they are . . . in moderation of course!


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  1. Salisbury Steak one is great! – I eat one patty and save other to have on hamburger bun for lunch or with other vegs for another meal thereby cutting down total fat & calorie intake to which your referred…Also love several of `Marie Callenders’, Stouffer’s, Michelangelo’s frozen entrees for quick, hearty meals.

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