Movie Review: Hope Springs

Two great actors are in a switch of the stereotypical male/female roles.  Tommy Lee Jones is the one with the perpetual “headache” though in this case it’s a backache that by his choice has him sleeping in the guest room for the last 4 years.  The always reliable Meryl Streep is the wife that is hot-to-trot but wants more than just revitalizing their past sex life.  Eventually, with the help of a therapist played against type by Steve Carell, they do work it out with humor and a rather unexpected dose of downer anguish.

Women seem to love this movie and will want to hold hands as you leave.  But this is not an easy movie to watch with a woman you have just started dating.  The therapist bluntly raises some very personal questions that you may not feel prepared to answer yet over an after-movie cup of coffee.  Be forewarned.


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