Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

Much to my surprise my date enjoyed this guy-flick aimed at keeping the Bourne franchise alive.  Make no bones about it, this is a “cash in” movie with a somewhat serpentine, but paper thin plot that has many echoes of the past Bourne movies with all the wild physical action, explosions, and car chases you’d expect in this fourth installment of the Robert Ludlum adventure/suspense series.  Jeremy Renner has a different take on the Bourne-esque character that is fun to watch.  Rachel Weisz as the caught-in-the-crossfire female lead shows she is well up to the task of handling what is thrown at her (which are often bullets).

It is fun and diverting and my sample-of-one says that women (who have a sense of humor and are not looking for a deep-thinking experience) will likely enjoy it as well.

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