A Sharp-Dressed Man

ZZ Top had it right when they crooned that women go crazy for that sharp-dressed man.  How is your wardrobe looking lately?  Fall is a good time to review what’s in your closet and make some “go/no-go” decisions!

If you haven’t worn a garment in two years, chuck it.  If the cuffs are frayed on a pair of pants, bye-bye.  If you have ties that are absurdly wide, see ya.  Be brutal.  It is better to have fewer nice things than lots of mediocre ones.

Here are some other tips:

  • Never wear trousers that are short enough that they show your socks.  If you do, then make sure that your socks are the same color as your shoes or color matched with the clothing you are wearing.
  • Dress shirts should be cut so that they are loose, except at the collar, shoulders and cuffs.  Shoulders should be loose enough, but never baggy or blousy.
  • Sleeveless shirts, like wife-beaters, are a sure way to make a poor impression.  If you MUST show off your arm muscles, then wear a short-sleeved shirt.  That should be good enough.
  •  Look down at your pants.  Are they belted halfway down your thighs?  Are they riding low and exposing 3 inches of your boxers, or worse, three inches of plumber’s crack?  Or maybe your pants are pulled above your belly button by tight suspenders or an ill-used belt.  Neither of these are working for you.  Okay, maybe your pants are sitting perfectly at your hipbones.  If they’re too tight, they’re still going to be unattractive!  Jeans should sit at around 1 inch below the top of your hipbones, and should not expose your boxers.  They should not be as tightly fitted as most women’s jeans, but should have some shape to them, especially in the rear.  Straight leg is more appropriate than skinny, and don’t go with bell bottoms unless it’s a costume or themed party.  Dress pants should sit higher, and have looser fitting legs, also straight-cut and flat-front.

The best fashion advice for men wanting to impress women is to look as though you haven’t tried too hard.  Not easy.  However, if you wear well-fitting, good-quality clothes, you should be able to forget about what you’re wearing, safe in the knowledge that you look and feel good.  And being comfortable in what you wear is one way to exude confidence, which will impress almost any woman!


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