Look The Part!

We get a lot of questions here about style and what to wear. We are certainly not in a position to dispense “gospel” when it comes to clothing, but we have spoken with many women who have told us what they look for in a guy… and how he should dress.

In this piece, let’s focus on your suit. First off, be sure you are wearing the correct size. In the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love with Steve Carell as a recently separated guy (definitely see it!), he is advised by a more socially-savvy acquaintance to immediately buy a suit that is one size smaller than the one he has. He notes that there is a tendency among men as they get older to sacrifice a sense of style for “room.” A man’s suit should hug his shoulders and not swallow them. Look for contour to your body shape and opt for a two-button jacket which is generally more flattering for guys our age. Don’t try and make a suit jacket do double-duty as a sport coat. Purchase a sharp blazer for that purpose and follow the same fit-tips for a suit.

Sleeves should end just above the wrist, allowing a half an inch of the shirt to show. A very classy tailoring technique is to have functional buttons at the end of the sleeves. Never wear short-sleeved shirts with a suit. Lapels should be about two inches at their widest point. Again, a suave tailoring will have a working button hole if there is one. Get rid of suits that have larger lapels… they won’t be coming back in style anytime soon and tend to make you look too wide. Flat-front pants (no pleats) work best and should have very little break at the ankle… too much makes you look squat.

Lastly, invest in nice shoes. Leather, laced, and polished always make for a nice impression. Get a casual pair as well and retire your sneakers for athletics or hanging around the house. Never wear sneakers “out.”


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