Good News! Aroused Women Less Prone To Being Disgusted!

You have to admit that when you think dispassionately about having sex, it can seem less magical and more mechanical (to phrase it nicely!) than flowery romance literature would have you believe.   And when you add in the fact that most women are disgusted by such things as bird droppings on their car windshield, it is pretty amazing that they participate in sexual intercourse without vomiting!

Well, science may have discovered why the human species has not become extinct given the less than glamorous realities of sex. Researchers Charmaine Borg and Peter J. de Jong in the Department of Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands performed a fascinating experiment using 90 women who were divided into one of three groups:  those who were sexually aroused, those who were non-sexually aroused, and a neutral control group. Film clips were used to elicit the relevant mood state with “female-oriented erotica” as the subject matter (hey, we’re just quoting here!). Participants engaged in 16 behavioral tasks, involving sex-related (e.g., lubricate a “used” vibrator) and non-sex related (e.g., take a sip of juice with a large insect in the cup) stimuli, to measure the impact of sexual arousal on feelings of disgust and actual avoidance behavior. It is worth noting that the “disgusting” tasks were theatrically faked (i.e, not a real insect, a clean vibrator, etc.). Check out the study at the website below for a complete list of all the tasks.

The sexual arousal group rated the sex-related stimuli as less disgusting compared to the other groups. A similar tendency was evident for the non-sex disgusting stimuli. For both the sex- and non-sex-related behavioral tasks, the sexual arousal group showed less avoidance behavior (i.e., they conducted the highest percentage of tasks compared to the other groups).

So there you have it – when women are sufficiently turned on, we don’t appear as repugnant to them!  The study can be found at


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