Movie Review: Arbitrage

First, let’s be clear that this movie has nothing to do with any type of Wall Street “arbitrage”. But it does have to do with Richard Gere, who is looking great at 60, as does his on-screen wife, the always fabulous Susan Sarandon. When I grow up, I too would like the life this poor fellow leads as a billionaire, with a great wife and family, and of course the required fabulously beautiful mistress. His only problem is how to keep all these under control. But as the movie gets going, it is apparent that he can’t. This is one of those movies where everything hits the fan at once and it revolves around his trying to extricate himself from the mess that, as we all know, only billionaires seem to get into. No hints from me, but it is fun to watch, as if it were a “who done it” mystery. Go see it, but not if you want to relax. It requires some cerebral engagement!

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