Do You Still Need A Landline Phone?

With your Suddenly Solo lifestyle, you may be thinking about giving up your old landline telephone in favor of a complete cell phone existence.

But before you make the break, here are some things to consider:

  • You will receive a quicker response if you have to call 9-1-1 with a landline. You will not only be easily located, but also more specifically located than if you called 911 from your cell phone. What if you were choking, having a stroke or heart attack and could not speak to give directions over the phone? Simply calling 911 from your landline will get you the most accurate and quickest response. Did you know that if you lived in a multi-floor apartment building, such as in the bigger cities, a landline call to 911 will display the physical address and the apartment number? A cell phone call will not. So even if the call gives the general location from your cell, it will not show what floor you are on. That can be a real problem if you are in need of medical assistance ASAP.
  • Power outages: Landline phones have proven to be the most reliable in a power outage.
  • During and after disasters: Landlines have also proven more reliable during and after natural disasters than mobile devices. When a natural disaster or a nationwide emergency occurs, many people use their cell phones to call and check in on loved ones, so if they are able to receive cell tower service, the service will soon be bombarded with calls and the chances of you getting through will become slimmer as the event rolls on.
  • Alarm systems: Most security alarm systems require that you have a home phone to connect to.

And finally:

  • Faxing capabilities: If you are used to faxing from your home, you must have a landline connection.

A good compromise might be to maintain a basic, no-frills landline for your fax and use its phone line in the event your cell phone is unavailable for some reason.


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