Make An Election Love Connection!

Do you have strong political convictions?  Are you the kind of person who yells at the television when a campaign advertisement comes on?

Well, this time of year can be a perfect opportunity for you to meet a woman who shares your passions.  Why not become a volunteer for a candidate you believe in?  You can be sure that those involved in the campaign will be thrilled to have a like-minded person such as yourself who is willing to help them out.  It goes without saying that people (both men and women!) you meet there will share your political viewpoint and even if many of the campaign workers are much younger than you, you’d be surprised at how many of them have a mother, cousin, aunt, etc. who they would love to set you up with!  (Although it might not be what you are looking for, local candidates often “recruit” for their full-time staff from their election committee, so who knows?)

This is a rare opportunity to combine your political and romantic interests, so don’t wait until after the election to do something good for the country and for yourself as well!

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