Un-Stuff Your Wallet

No, we don’t mean spending the money in it.

Suddenly Solos have a tendency towards accumulation. We hang on to things more these days, possibly to assuage a sense of loss.  But when it comes to our wallets, it is not only unfashionable to have a bulky billfold, it can also promote identity theft if the wallet is lost or stolen. Here are some “no-carry” suggestions that will help keep you safe and look more svelte in your suit or in your jeans!

Social Security Card - Your SS number is the gold standard for crooks.  Never carry the card or any piece of ID that has it (for example, a Medicare card).  Make a copy of the front and back and block out the SS number. You can relate the number to a healthcare provider when asked.

Blank Check - Routing and account numbers can be used to set up a false account or make transfers.

Spare Keys - Really?  With a driver’s license too? Why not just leave your front door open!

Lots of Credit Cards - A plethora of cards only means so many more banks to notify if they get stolen or lost. Just carry one or two of the “big” ones and make a copy of them (front and back) for your home records.


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