Movie Review: Trouble With The Curve

Clint Eastwood uses his trademark growl and surly demeanor to relatively good effect in the movie “Trouble With The Curve.”

He plays an aging baseball scout who is losing his vision and must rely on the visual acuity of his nearly-estranged daughter (Amy Adams) to get him through a make-or-break scouting trip that takes place in Small Town, USA.

There are side plots involving his daughter as she reluctantly takes time away from her high-powered legal career to help her mostly ungrateful and cantankerous dad while finding romance on the road, but Clint carries whatever heft there is in the movie on his shoulders.

If you (or your date) are baseball fans, this movie will be easier to take than if you go in expecting to see a deep, emotional tale of redemption and triumph of the spirit, which was done far better previously in Eastwood’s “Gran Torino.”

The movie’s formulaic ending that neatly wraps up all the loose ends occurs literally outside his daughter’s door in the last five minutes and although it has the requisite, “feel good” touch, it felt a bit contrived.  That said, baseball, Clint Eastwood, and a breezy Amy Adams is not a terrible combination.  “Trouble With The Curve” wins after a full nine innings, but just by 1-0, in a hard-fought pitcher’s duel.


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