Thinking of Having A Halloween Party?

With leaves changing color (at least in parts of the country), the appearance of jack-o’-lanterns, and perhaps your kids or grandkids beginning to stockpile candy for trick-or-treaters, you may want to think about getting into the spirit by organizing a Halloween get-together with fellow Suddenly Solos and guests.

If you need a contest for your party, think first about having a celebrity costume contest. Everyone loves watching or thinking about celebrities. You can have individuals volunteer to dress up as their favorite Hollywood celebrity, maybe people like John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro, or Al Pacino. Some simple Halloween costumes can be augmented with famous quotes from the celebrities. For John Wayne, try “Hello, Pilgrim.” Or for Al Pacino, try “Hoo-Ahh!” from “Scent of a Woman.”  A laser-focused, “You talkin’ to me?” should evoke De Niro in “Taxi Driver.”

You will likely find some who do not want to dress up for Halloween. That is fine, but make sure they attend the big event anyway and that they participate in the costume judging. Prepare voting cards where everyone can vote for their top choices.

Funny Joke Teller Stand-Up Comedy Act

Everyone loves a good laugh. That is why you should try and get someone to come to your event who can tell some funny jokes like they told them in the good old days! Everyone loved Bob Hope. You can find some of his classic jokes at There are many sources of great “shtick” at Rodney Dangerfield and Henny Youngman tribute sites.

You could also try and put some comedy sketches together. Remember “The Honeymooners,” starring Art Carney and Jackie Gleason? Check out for some fun ‘Honeymooners’ clips and you will get the idea. Even short sketches with people who resemble Carney and Gleason will get plenty of laughs.

Best Scary Costume Contest

Remember that Halloween would not be Halloween if there were no scary costumes in the house. Try and encourage some of your invitees to consider dressing up in a scary costume. You need some simple fangs and a black cape for a fun vampire costume. And of course being a ghost is incredibly easy if you can find a white sheet.

Every single person, no matter their age, really just wants to have fun and be entertained. This year, think about reaching out to others and put something together for this “not for kids only” holiday!


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