Thinking of cosmetic surgery? You’re not alone!

We at Suddenly Solo are big believers in doing things that make you happy.  And if you think that your change in status to singledom might be made easier with some judicious nip-tuck, we say, “go for it!”

And many of us are.  According to statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 84,685 patients over the age of 65 sought out plastic surgery procedures in 2010. Of that number, more than 26,000 had face-lifts, nearly 25,000 had cosmetic eyelid surgeries, and 6,400 indulged in liposuction.

“As a matter of fact, over the past several years, that has been the largest growing group of patients by age category,” Dr. Richard Erlichman, a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, told ABC News.

And although patients our age are more likely to have conditions that make any type of surgery more risky, studies have shown that with appropriate screening, we are at no greater statistical risk of complications than a younger patient.  The Cleveland Clinic looked at 216 women over the course of three years to determine whether patients who have facelifts over the age of 65 are more prone to complications.

The Cleveland Clinic study looked at a variety of variables, including operative details, co-morbidities and overall health status. When this information was combined with statistical analysis, the study found that if patients were properly screened prior to the surgery, there was no statistically significant increase in complications. The key to successful cosmetic surgery, according to the study’s results, was to carefully screen patients prior to the procedure, and exclude those who had medical conditions that significantly increased risk. Age was not a determining factor of success or safety in plastic surgery.

Many cosmetic procedures involve general anesthesia but some are performed under local. There are several newer procedures that are non-invasive, which can provide significant improvements in a person’s appearance these days as well and may merit your consideration. But beware, in almost all cases, insurance will not cover the costs of cosmetic surgeries.  A good first step to take is consulting a reputable, board-certified physician in your area to find out what may be available and appropriate for you.  But whatever you decide, do not let the pages of a calendar unfairly stand in your way of at least making that initial inquiry!


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