Rock On With Your Bad Self

There is no shortage of rock bands that many of us enjoyed growing up who are still performing (Heck, the Rolling Stones have been rocking for 50 years now!).  These types of concerts are great “date” ideas and can be more affordable than you might think, provided you are a little flexible with your timing and the stature of the performers you see.

Check out the fan club websites of rockers that you have enjoyed through the years and see if they are playing nearby.  Many of the “one shot wonders” do small venue concerts and these intimate settings make for particularly memorable concert occasions (these groups are usually quite conversant with their audience, who are obviously their truly dedicated fans!). Think of songs like “Jenny / 867-5309” by Tommy TuTone – he is still out there rocking!  Remember “Vehicle” by the Ides of March?  See them live as well in many comfortable performing arts centers and local theaters.  It’s great fun and the audience is, well, more our speed!

Credit card companies like American Express, Chase and Citibank offer their cardholders early access and preferred seating to some shows.  A robust secondary market for tickets is on the internet. and lets you compare the prices being charged on the large ticketing sites (i.e. StubHub) to get an idea of what you should be paying.

Ideally, if you can wait until 2 or 3 days before a show to buy your tickets, you will likely do better in terms of pricing as desperation sets in!


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