The Mature Woman’s List of Turn-Offs and Turn-Ons

Tastes change with age.  Most of us hated the taste of beer when we were given a sip by our dads as young lads.  And now, most of us genuinely enjoy a good brew.  Well, the same thing applies to what women look for (or avoid) in a man as they age.

In a study of over 20,000 people conducted by, and, 77.7 percent of women said that the qualities they seek in a potential partner have changed as they have aged.

Here are the top 10 turn-offs in men that become increasingly unappealing to women as they grow older:

  1. Lack of drive/ambition
  2. Immaturity/childishness
  3. Lack of romantic love
  4. Lack of intelligence
  5. Narcissism/lack of empathy
  6. Boredom/lack of adventure
  7. Lack of sexual skills
  8. Racist or prejudiced ideologies
  9. Extreme views on religion
  10. Poor personal hygiene

Conversely, according to the survey, as women age, these turn-ons become increasingly important:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Listening skills
  3. Kindness
  4. Intelligence
  5. Sense of humor
  6. Ambition
  7. In a similar life stage
  8. Sexual prowess
  9. Altruism
  10. Location (Close enough to see daily)

And there you have it!  All we need is motivation, a dose of touchy-feely and the ability to listen and we should have no problems, right?  Well, I think we would all agree that while there is some good stuff here, nobody really knows what the right “recipe” is for a meaningful connection.  No doubt the raw ingredients are there, but it’s up to us to put it all together in just the right proportions!


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  1. Charlie

    I have to agree I have the same turn offs and turn on’s as what I look for in a woman 

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