No-Cost/High-Return Holiday Hints!

No matter how you are spending the holidays, let us offer you some easy-to-follow suggestions on how to maximize the season and stay healthy to boot!

  • “Achoo” Awareness!  If you are using your own holiday decorations that you put away last year, remember that they are now probably dusty and dirty. It doesn’t take much to trigger allergic reactions, so be prepared to clean and dust them safely as they come out of that box that is way back in the corner of your closet or attic.
  • Stay Hydrated.  Drink plenty of water during the next few weeks. It will keep you from over-eating and will maintain your all-important electrolyte balance when you find yourself sweating in your holiday sweater in front of a fireplace!
  • Make A Healthcare Plan.  Will you be travelling?  Will your usual doctor be on vacation?  Make necessary back-up plans and know where you will go in the event of an emergency.  One reason why the incidence of fatal heart attacks spike during the holidays may be a reticence to see a strange doctor immediately when symptoms arise or due to a lack of available care.
  • Forgive. We have much to be thankful for.  Lingering disagreements with family members and exes are normal, but don’t let it ruin your holiday. In fact, in the spirit of the season, why not reach out just a bit to those who are not on your “nice” list and see what happens?  Research has shown that a positive mental attitude can help you mend broken bridges and it also improves your heart rate and blood pressure!

To all our Suddenly Solo friends, we wish you the best of everything always!


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