‘Tis the Season . . . to Shop

Dear Hal-
With the holidays approaching, I am wondering what you suggest for gifts to the women in my life? I have several wonderful women who I see for dinners, movies, etc. but nothing more. I would like to get them something heartfelt, but not necessarily something that says more than it should. I am comfortable and can afford something nice for each of the four or so women I would send it to. ALSO, should they all get the same thing? I don’t want to appear cheap or uncaring. Help!

Confused In Carolina


Dear Confused-
Since you are not intimate with any of these ladies I think you are probably safe with holiday plants at this time of year. If these women are all aware of each other, then you had best be safe and give them all the same gift as there may otherwise be the, “he likes me better than you” debate. To individualize (while still playing it safe), you can ask the florist for different colors/arrangements within the same price range (you can match the plant to color schemes which shows some real thought on your part!) It is absolutely imperative that you include individual cards with each gift and word each one uniquely!

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