Can I Drink Tonight?

Dear Hal
My girlfriend drinks too much. She’s not an alcoholic, but on more than one occasion she will have 3 or 4 glasses of wine or an extra Martini and then she gets…well, sloppy. It is embarrassing. After I mentioned this to her, we will go for a period where she asks, “Can I drink tonight?” which puts me in a terrible position as the booze-cop. What can I do?
Dear Embarrassed,

Of course you are disturbed by her alcoholic-induced behavior. If you are really attached to her, I suggest a corrective program. But if not, this is a deal breaker. Clearly as an adult, she should know when to stop and how alcohol affects her behavior. But you being her “booze-cop” is an untenable position and will only lead to increased friction. Even if she says she will stop, it will only last for a while and you will see her once again wobble to the ladies room. It won’t be easy but you should get out of the relationship as soon as possible.


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  1. hal

    sometimes its better to be miserable by yourself and get over it than be miserable  with her all the time and never get over it

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