Movie Review: Lincoln

This is a film that history buffs will certainly love, but it also has a great deal to commend it even for those who can’t name all the presidents on Mount Rushmore.

Daniel Day-Lewis will almost certainly be in the running for an Academy Award for his wonderfully relatable portrait of our 16th President as he grapples with bringing a legislative end to slavery via the 13th Amendment.  This effort required a Herculean amount of convincing, even among those who favored it.

Director Steven Spielberg puts us solidly in the midst of our own history, scrupulously portraying the sights, sounds and astounding accessibility to the highest office in the land in the 1860s.

Although wordy at times, it is a case of “history comes to life” that I found extremely engrossing.  I would suggest that you brush up on the names and positions held by the following before you go: Thaddeus Stevens, Preston Blair, William Seward and Alexander Stephens.  It will make it a bit easier to follow the storyline.

Kudos to fine supporting work from Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field and James Spader, among many others.   Go see it… you’ll never look at a penny the same way again.


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