Pictures Of My Deceased Wife

Dear Hal,
Should I remove pictures of my deceased wife? I feel like it might be holding me back both dating-wise and emotionally. It has been three years since she passed away.
Literally “hung-up” in New Jersey
Dear Hung-Up,

First of all, how do you feel about it? Do the images still bring you a sense of personal connection to your departed wife that comforts you? If so, then keep them. When the pictures become less important to you such that they are almost ‘background’ art, then you might remove one or two (assuming there are several) and see how you react. Another aspect comes with timing. Some people take years to move on to the point they can put pictures away while others do so more rapidly. I think women may be uncomfortable with such pictures in two situations I call the “time/space conundrum”- It has been several years since your wife passed and you have more than one or two photographs still on display AND The picture is in the bedroom. How about this… how would you feel if she had pictures of her ex around her house?


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