Her Sensory Comfort Zone

In our research, we’ve discovered that the necessity of female companionship for us Suddenly Solos varies greatly.  It is apparent that as we have matured, many of us do not “require” a woman’s company for happiness, but most of us still enjoy having female friends and acquaintances… with varying levels of familiarity.

We have found that Suddenly Solo women respond best to men who make them feel “comfortable.”  By this, we mean that they are attracted to the guys that create an ambiance for them that allow them to be genuinely at ease in their presence.  And this applies to all levels of interaction – not just those that are part of a campaign to get her into bed!

Having women friends should be part of a Suddenly Solo’s world.  This should include women who you can just talk to as part of routine existence.  Women can help you achieve balance in your life.  And some may indeed become lovers, but the goal of making them feel comfortable should apply to all of the ladies you let into your world.

To that end, we suggest these sensory activities that will allow her to enjoy your company and get to know you:

  • Appeal to her sense of taste.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  What we mean here is in the same vein as, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” except for women.  Ladies love a man who is comfortable in the kitchen and if you can cook a good meal for her, it will go a long way to creating a relationship.  But even if you are not a chef, taking a woman out to a satisfying meal can help her to make a subliminal connection with you and her sense of satisfaction.  Remember, there is a reason some dishes are called “comfort food,” so food is a wonderful gateway interaction.
  • Appeal to her sense of sound.  It’s no secret that guys in bands get women.  There is a hard-wired link between men who can play an instrument of any kind and a woman’s adoration.  Even if you only know a few chords on a guitar or a piano, this activity goes a long way to creating a sense of intimacy with a woman.  But if you can’t play a note, don’t despair.  Women also find that a man who is music-savvy (in almost any genre with the exception of heavy metal and rap) can put them at ease.  Find jazz venues, clubs or, if you are at home, background music that reflects your style as part of your personality.  And while we are on the subject of sound, be sure you are a good listener. Your silence and attention to her voice is a wonderful way to connect.
  • Appeal to her sense of sight.  We have often spoken of the necessity of making your personal appearance an essential part of your own well-being.  Take extra care when you interact with a woman that you look the best you can. But what’s also important is that you choose environments for your interactions that are romantic and interesting.  Restaurants with views, walks through museums or even a coffee date that is near a park or ice skating rink provide visual stimuli that fill in silences.  You want her to feel like part of a “scene” that you have taken time to set as it shows your openness and hence, lets her feel at ease with you.

By paying special attention to a woman’s senses, you help her relax and associate you with pleasurable feelings.  Friendships are built on achieving mutual comfort, so by recognizing the importance of the mental connections made in your interactions with women (via these appropriately subtle signals), you will find that women will respond warmly.


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