Staying in a Hotel for the Holidays? Some Cleanliness Cautions

For the vast majority of travelers, a stay in a hotel is a pleasurable experience that provides some pampering and the freedom from housework.   And most lodgings take great care in the cleanliness of their facilities.

However, there are some little things you can do just to be certain that your room is as clean as possible, and we here at Suddenly Solo don’t think we are being overly OCD-like.

Bring some disinfectant wipes/hand sanitizer with you no matter where you travel.  In a hotel room, we suggest using them on the television remote control in your room, as well as on all the phones.  If the hotel uses comforters on the bed, be aware that these may not be cleaned as frequently as you may like (many hotels are using duvet covers now).  And although they scream “decadence,” we never use the telephones in the bathrooms.

The chances of you becoming ill from handling any of the above without taking the precautions we suggest is very small.  But why take a chance of ruining a vacation when it takes just a few seconds to do these?


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  1. Mickey Roberts

    ALWAYS pull the covers back and check the sheets. If they are the slightest bit wrinkled, ask for new ones. I worked in a hotel and I am TELLING you the maids cut corners and leave used sheets on the bed. I have seen it happen many times. Just because you pay a lot for a room does not mean it’s all good. The maids still get paid and extremely low wage so they are not motivated to do a better job because you got paid more. This article was fluff. Who doesn’t know enough to NOT use a phone in a bathroom? Really.

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