Personal Experiences – Maurice from New York

Maurice, 76, lost his wife and college sweetheart two years ago. After several months passed, he found himself yearning for companionship. He began dating again, and eventually a relationship blossomed with a woman he had known for years who was also widowed. Maurice emphasizes the point that life as a widower is far from over and imparts words of wisdom on how to begin a new life.

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  1. Nita

    You don’t realize,I feel, just how rare you truly are! An attractive, educated, and financially stable man, who is also, emotionally available, is all but non-existant.

    Older women out number men by vast numbers here in SE Florida. It is almost impossible, for even a reasonably attractive women to meet a gentleman.I’m financially independent, educated, and participate in dance classes and voice lessons(I perform with a local group). I’ve tried online dating sites, meetup groups, and simply getting out and participating in local activities. I’m not looking for a husband, but a loving companion.

    I am tired of beng alone but continue to be unsuccessful in finding gentleman. Have you any advice or ideas? 

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