Easily Decorating Your Single Home

Now that you are on your own, you will likely have new surroundings (even widowers tend to move to a new location).  And even if you have been in your own place for awhile now, it may be time to do some re-decoration, if for no other reason than to create the proverbial “change of scenery.”  We think it’s a good idea.  So here are some easy and economical things you can do to create a new environment that lifts your spirits:

  • Selectively remove old photos of your former wife.  This may take time for those who are recently widowed, but you don’t want a “shrine” to someone who for whatever reason is not in your life.  A new lady may not say anything about what she perceives as a “gallery” of an ex, but it can’t be an aphrodisiac.
  • Paint a wall (or a whole room) a new color.  It is well known that color has a powerful impact on mood.  Home decorating centers can give you suggestions on how to create a new feeling that harmonizes with carpets, artwork, couches, etc.
  • Rearrange funiture.  Try a different layout than what you are used to.  This applies to all rooms.  Put your bed on an angle – don’t necessarily anchor a piece of furniture to the line of a wall.
  • Lighting.  Check out new fixtures.  Wall sconces are a great accessory.  Use lighting to highlight artwork (on that newly painted wall?).  Whatever you choose, put them on dimmers!
  • New accent pillows.  Whether on the bed or on the living room couch, these inexpensive accent pieces can be wonderful room-changers.  Consider changing them at least once a year for a new look.

All of the above are very inexpensive and pack a great decorating “bang for the buck” in your new digs!


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