Make a “Doctor Diary” for Yourself!

When you visit more than one doctor (which, with the variety of medical specialists out there, is more than likely to happen to guys like us) you can easily get overloaded with information that can quickly evaporate over time.   It can be frustrating when a few weeks after a visit, you can’t recall what the physician said about a dosage, or a complication, or if it’s okay to go back to golfing.  You get the idea.

And this can get even more complicated when you visit another doctor and he needs more detail about what another physician advised or specific dates of treatments.

That’s why I have a small notebook in which I started to keep a record of each doctor’s visit I had: my Doctors Diary.  I note the date, and the physician’s name on a page right before I go to the appointment.  I jot down any questions I have and I bring the notebook with me.  At the conclusion of the appointment, I note any prescriptions I received with the dosages and any cautions or advice that were mentioned as soon as I leave (often it’s in my car or even in the waiting room!).  When I get home, I put the information into a spreadsheet (although it isn’t necessary to do this, it makes it easier to search by a category later if need be).

I find this information to be very helpful at any doctor’s visit.  I can accurately relate when I last saw a particular physician to a new specialist and it really helps when you have to fill out those “new patient” forms.

My Doctors Diary may not be the most scintillating reading, but it helps keep my medical life orderly and easy to recall.


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