Coffee: A Beneficial Health and Social Elixir

With the proliferation of coffee houses over the past few years, the “cup of joe” has become ubiquitous.  And although coffee now comes in mind-boggling varieties, the basic property of coffee beans as they relate to the incident of stroke was examined in Sweden earlier this year.

A study of 34,607 women published in Stroke magazine showed a 22%-25% reduction in stroke risk for those women who consumed one or more cups of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.  It is hypothesized that coffee beans contain anti-oxidants and other disease-fighting compounds that may reduce inflammation and improve insulin release, thus reducing blood glucose levels and reducing stroke risk.

We here at Suddenly Solo enjoy the occasional luxury of a cup of espresso as an after-dinner treat.  Companies like Illy make a variety of easy-to-use, pod- and capsule-based, one-button espresso machines that make preparation easy and fun.  The smell of this fresh-brewed treat that takes just a few minutes is a sensory delight.  As a wonderful corollary to preparing the espresso, it makes for a great “Let me make you a cup of espresso” invitation after a date!

Definitely go to for some beverage ideas and enjoy your coffee drink knowing there are health benefits in there as well.

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